Are you considering dating and want to make sure you are free from harm? Have you heard stories of abuse that have put you off finding someone special? This book will help to keep you safe! Many women enjoy dating experiences that are safe and never suffer any problems with the men they meet. But there are some women who are unlucky and find a man who is less than perfect and who has issues with relationships that lead on to domestic abuse. This shouldn’t put women off dating, however, and some simple precautions can make all the difference for a successful outcome.
In this book, Pink Lenses: A Roadmap to Dating Safety and Domestic Violence Prevention, you will find in-depth and pertinent advice from one who has experienced dating on both sides of the coin, with chapters that look at: Making sure you get the basics right, Dating safety, Spotting the red flags, Ending the spectacle, Life after DV, Healing and therapy, And much more…
Aimed at women who have experienced domestic violence before and are nervous about making the same mistakes twice, or just as a guide for young women to be able to spot the obvious dangers, Pink Lenses is packed with tips, suggestions, and strategies to stay in safe when you are having fun. It is a great book to give as a gift for a daughter, niece or friend, or for educational establishments, churches or community groups to buy in bulk for their students or members.

Pink Lenses (Hardcover Copy)